Tulsi Plant is considered a form of Goddess in our homes and it is sacred in every way. It is believed that in the house where Basil is planted, Lord dwells in that house. Tulsi Plant Uses is a vegetable which is used as a very important medicine in a religious Hindu community.

Tulsi Plant Uses is not only a symbol of our faith. Due to the medicinal properties found in this plant, Tulsi is also considered important in Ayurveda. Children, old men, women, and men can benefit from the consumption of basil.

Today people are getting so many diseases that their money is being spent on doctors and medicines. But if you have a Tulsi Plant in your house, then there is no need to worry about it. Basil cold, cough, fever, dry disease, walking of the ribs, pneumonia, constipation, and diarrhea show its effect in all diseases miraculously.

Many diseases get rid of drinking water obtained from the basil sheet. That is why Tulsi leaf is inserted in Karamamrit. Let’s know how Tulsi can cure various types of diseases.


Tulsi Plant Uses too much Beneficial for Health Care

tulsi plant for healthcare

Tulsi Plant is found in almost every house of India. We consider it sacred and also worship it.

This is not just a symbol of our faith, but there are also many medicinal properties in the Tulsi plant. In Ayurveda

There are also many uses of Tulsi Plant. The Tulsi Plant has many uses and its advantages. Whereby many of us Helps in fighting diseases. And it protects us from going to the doctor. The biggest thing is that

Basil has no side effect and it can be used by anyone of any age. So come on Know what Tulsi Plant.

Tulsi Plant Uses has the advantages and how it can be used.

tulsi plant/tulsi-benefits-and-side-effects

  • Make powdered basil seeds and mix it with curd, the piles of bloodshed ends.
  • And drinking the Tulsi leaf mixed with water, many diseases are cured and many diseases stay away from us.
  • Mixing the juice of the Basil leaves in honey (honey) licks off and the lick closes.
  • Fry some basil leaves in mustard oil and then mix garlic juice in it and put it in the ear.
  • This will provide comfort in ear pain.
  • If you have an irritation problem in the eyes, then you should put black basil extracts in the eyes of 2 drops every night.
  • If you have a problem of headache often, it is better to drink medicines than to eat the decoction of basil.
  • If deodorant comes from your breath, then mix some dry Tulsi Plant uses basil leaves with mustard oil and mouth
  • Washing will reduce your problem to a great extent. This remedy is also useful in Syria.
  • Applying basil extract on the location of herpes, itching or skin infection benefits from applying it.
  • If there is a transition in your mouth, then you should eat some basil leaves chewed every day.
  • Taking 10-12 basil leaves twice a day does not disturb the tension.
  • Those who have heart disease should also regularly take Basil leaves.
  • When the kidney has become stained, it should be consumed regularly by mixing it with honey.

The effect will begin to appear in six months.


Best List of Tulsi Plant Uses and Health Benefits

tulsi plant health benefits uses

  1. Liver problem

Wash 10 to 12 leaves of basil with hot water and eat it every morning. This is very beneficial in liver problems.

  1. Stomachache One spoon

Make a thick paste of basil with water and make a thick paste. Having abdominal pain helps to get this coating around navel and stomach get relief.

  1. Digestive problems

After digestion problems such as diarrhea, gas in the stomach, etc., add 10-15 basil leaves in a glass of water and boil them and make them dry. Add salt and salt in it.

  1. On fever

Boil and make a spoonful of basil leaves with a cup of a spoonful of cardamom powder and a spoonful of cardamom powder in two cups of water. Drink it two to three times a day. If you want to taste, then milk and sugar can also be mixed in it.

  1. Cough and cold

Tulsi is used to make almost all the cuff syrup. Basil leaves help to clean the cuff. Softened leaves of basil after a few moments of chewing ginger with relief from cough and cold. Boil the tea leaves and drink and remove the sore throat. You can also use this water for gargling.

  1. Breathing problem

Tulsi Plant is very useful in treating respiratory problems. Drinking honey made with a mixture of honey, ginger and basil give relief in bronchitis, asthma, cough, and cold. The decoction made from salt, cloves and basil leaves gives instant relief in influenza (a kind of fever).

  1. Kidney stone

Basil strengthens the kidney. If someone has kidney stones, then it should be consumed regularly by mixing it with honey and using  Tulsi Plant extracts regularly. There will be a difference in six months.

  1. heart disease

Basil reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. In such a case it is very effective for heart patients.

  1. Tension

Tulsi leaves also contain stress-resistant properties. In order to keep the stress away from yourself, one can eat 12 leaves of Tulsi Plant twice daily.

  1. Oral infection

Tulsi leaves prove beneficial in other ulcers and other infections of the mouth. By chewing some leaves of Tulsi daily, the infection of the mouth is removed.

  1. skin disease

Herpes, itching and skin problems in the place of basil in the affected area, the effects disappear within a few days. Nachuropathon by treating Leucoderma has been used successfully in the basil leaves. Rinse fresh basil leaves on the infected skin. It does not spread infections more.

  1. Bad breath

Mixing dry leaves of Tulsi Plant with mustard oil, cleansing teeth, makes the breath odor of the breath. It also works very well in problem like Syria.

  1. Headache

Tulsi Plant works like a good medicine in the headache. Drinking basil of lefts gives relief in headache.

  1. Hemorrhoid is closed

Taking the basil seeds with powdered curd stops bleeding in bloody piles.

  1. Stop dizziness

Mixing the juice of basil leaves in the honey loses its dizziness due to lick.

Importance of Tulsi Plant Uses


  • Tulsi Plant is an important place in India. There are three types of Tulsi – Krishna Tulsi, White Tulsi, and Ram Tulsi. Among them, Krishna Tulsi is considered popular.
  • Steep stairs grow in Basil. There are small flowers in these stages.
  • Tulsi Plant originated from those who sprayed on the nectar land during the ocean mantras performed by God and demons.
  • Brahmadev handed him over to Lord Vishnu. At the time of worship of Lord Vishnu, Yogeshwar Krishna and Pandurang (Shri Balaji), the defeat of Tulsi letters is sacrificed to their statues.
  • Visiting Tulsi every day is considered sinister and worshiping is salvation. Basil is necessary for the worship of God and Shraddha.
  • By worshiping the Tulsi letter, the virtue of fasting, sacrifice, chanting, home, a haven is attained. It is said that Tulsi Plant uses is very dear to Lord Shri Krishna.

Tulsi Plant Care

tulsi plant care for skin and health

  • It is not okay to pour more water on the Basil plant every day. Adding more water to basil can cause disease and it can dry.
  • Besides, keeping these things in mind, Tulsi Plant uses will not dry up and Tulsi will always be available at home –
  • When the basil plant grows a bit (approximately one foot), then cutting off its main branch, it grows from side to side due to which the plant becomes thick.
  • Tulsi plants need sunlight. Keep this in mind that it must have at least two hours of sunshine. But save it from too much sunlight and heat.
  • When the flower (Manjari) starts coming in the plant then the growth of the plant stops. When the new plant comes flowers, they should continue breaking them.
  • This keeps the plant dense. According to our tradition, it is said to reduce the burden of basil.
  • In Tulsi Plant and Tulsi flowers, palms or leaves should not be broken by cutting with nails. Basil could be bad.
  • Tulsi plant needs more nitrogen. For this, once in two weeks, cow urine (in one proportion of gum root and 10 parts water) or compost may be added in small quantities (once in two to three months).
  • Do not use chemical fertilizer in Basil.
  • Plants should be kept lightweight by removing dried, yellowed and wilted leaves.
  • Dangerous winter and dew is damaging to Basil. This can damage the plant by blazing blue. Cover them with a thin cloth to protect Tulsi with strong winter and dew.

Tulsi Tulasi gets rid of winter when it is Tulsi Plant wedding and the plant is not destroyed due to winter.

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Tulsi Uses and Tulsi Plant Uses


  • The decoction of basil roots leads to the destruction of fever (fever). Tulsi, ginger, and alumni take the honey and take it with the help of cold winter fever.
  • If there is a pain in the waist during menstruation, then take a spoonful of Tulsi juice. Apart from chewing betel leaves, the menstrual period remains constant.
  • Head heavy, peanut, forehead pain, half vial, epilepsy, nasal disease, worm disease are away from Basil.
  • In respiratory diseases, keeping Basil leaves in black in the mouth like black beans with black salt provides relief.
  • Baking the green leaves of Basil with salt, it cures cough and soreness by eating it on the fire.
  • In cough and cold – Drinking tea prepared with basil leaves, ginger, and black pepper immediately benefits from drinking.
  • According to Tulsi Plant uses – Tulsi asthma is extremely beneficial in TB. Regular intake of basil does not cause asthma, TB, because it is responsible for disease preventing bacteria from growing. T
  • Mix basil and ginger juice one spoon, one spoon of honey, one spoon of spices, and one teaspoon in the morning, it is the perfect medicine for cough.
  • If constipation is also accompanied by light fever, then constipation of black basil (10 grams) and humming in a bowl of both the cow (10 grams) and taking this whole quantity 2 or 3 times a day can also eliminate constipation, fever too.
  • Consumption of Tulsi with saunth is accompanied by a constant fever.
  • Tulsi, ginger, aloe vera, take it with honey and take it with honey, rest in winter fever.
  • There is a benefit in skin diseases. Remove the juice of its leaves and mix an equal amount of lemon juice and apply it on the face in the night, it does not remain wry.
  • Leukemia leaves leprosy in leprosy or leprosy. Eat and rub on the affected area.
  • In the rising boils, basil seeds grind together with a fish and two rose flowers together and drink cold drink.
  • To fill up the ulcer and quickly wash the infected wounds, make the basil leaves and make the cold coating.
  • Tulsi Plant extracts in eye irritation can prove very effective. Shyaa Tulsi extract should be put in two eyes in the eyes daily.
  • Basil makes the kidney strong. In the kidney stones, the juice made from boiling the leaves of basil (basil extract) with honey, after taking regular 6 months, the stone gets out of the urine passage.
  • Grind 10 basil leaves of Tulsi, five black pepper and four almonds in the winter, taking one spoonful of honey in half a glass of water, all kinds of heart diseases are cured.

Take 4-5 leaves of Tulsi Plant, 2 neem leaves of neem in 2-4 teaspoons of water and eat empty stomach in the morning for five to seven days, high blood pressure is cured.

Benefits of Tulsi for skin

tulsi plant/tulsi for skin, pimple,face.

There are many points related tulsi which are beneficial for skin and also describing full detail to make skin clean and natural by the help of tulsi plant is under:-

1. Benefits of basil for face

As you get health benefits, you can use basil leaves for your skin. Basil leaves or Tulsi plant contains components and minerals that help in removing skin problems. You can increase your skin beauty using basil leaves. Let’s learn how basil leaves are beneficial for the face.

2. Benefits of Basil leaves for acne

Basil can help in promoting the beauty of the face. Basil leaves are helpful in removing the toxins present in the body and reducing their effect. These toxic substances are the cause of acne and pimples In this way basil leaves can be used to treat acne. You put the paste of basil and neem leaves in the acne. It can effectively cure them.

3. Benefits of Basil measures to remove face blackheads

Blackheads also have a special contribution to influencing the beauty of the face. Blackheads are the layer of dead cells present in the skin surface. To remove them, make a paste of basil leaves and apply them on the face. Wash your face with cold water after drying the paste. It helps in removing dead cells from the face and blanched.

4. Use the basil to make the face white

You can use basil leaves or Tulsi plant to make your face blonde. For this, you break some basil leaves and dry them in the sun. Prepare the powdered leaves of these dry basil leaves. Mix this powder with water and prepare a paste and apply it on your face. When the paste is dry well on the face, clean it with cold water. In addition, you can also use basil leaf powder with turmeric and lemon paste.

5. Use basil to remove face stains

You can use tulsi leaves to remove the scars and scars of your face. The paste made by grinding basil leaves is considered very effective for skin scars. Apart from this, there are anti-bacterial properties in basil. Due to which mixing basil paste together with gram flour gives an additional benefit. In this way, you can get the benefits of basil leaves to remove the scars of your face.

6. Benefits of Basil measures to remove face blackheads

Blackheads also have a special contribution to influencing the beauty of the face. Blackheads are the layer of dead cells present in the skin surface. To remove them, make a paste of basil leaves and apply them on the face. Wash your face with cold water after drying the paste. It helps in removing dead cells from the face and blanched.

7. Basil leaves the juice to make the face fresh

Basil leaves are useful for beautiful and young skin. Basil leaves contain anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and stress buster properties. In addition, basil leaves contain high amounts of powerful antioxidants. Due to all these properties, Basil leaves help keep skin fresh.

Conclusion of Tulsi plant uses:-

Eating five leaves of Tulsi every day during the rainy season, problems like seasonal fever and colds stay away. Chewing some leaves of Basil leaves the infection of the mouth away. The mouth ulcers are removed and teeth are healthy too.

Due to herpes, itching and other skin problems, eat basil regularly and apply b Tulsi Plant uses the extract to the affected place in a few days, the disease is removed in a few days.




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