What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality?

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In This Article, I will Describe What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality?

It may sound silly to suppose that the position in which you sleep may reveal what type of character you have got. Truly, research has proven that sure character types are inclined to sleep in particular positions.

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A number of the totally different sleep positions are; the fetal place, in your aspect together with your arms down, in your aspect together with your arms out, sleeping in your stomach, sleeping in your back together with your arms down, and sleeping in your back together with your arms above your head, the starfish which is simply sprawled out all over the place, and the pillow hugger.

Moreover, the way you sleep as a couple might also carry some sleeping position which means.

It’s that point of the day — or night time — once more. Together with your nighttime routine accomplished, you prove the lights, push again your covers, and snuggle into the mattress. How do you settle down below the covers?

By this level, your sleeping place could also be totally recurring. When you’ve settled into the identical place in mattress since childhood, you won’t consciously give it some thought every night time.

But whether or not you instantly flip over to at least one aspect after falling back onto your pillows or spend time switching between poses to get a bit extra snug, your most popular sleep posture can provide some necessary insights about your health.

Certain sleep positions have been linked to health concerns or higher wellness outcomes — we’ll discover these beneath. However, does your common sleep position actually have something to do with who you’re as an individual, as some specialists have urged? Learn on for extra perception. Like – BENEFITS OF EXERCISE FOR HEALTH

The link between sleeping position and personality

You in all probability don’t suppose a lot about what your typical sleeping position means, apart from a need for optimum consolation whilst you snooze.

But some sleep psychologists and specialists have urged character can issue into sleep position and provide some perception about your traits and behaviors.

Professor and sleep professional Chris Idzikowski surveyed simply over 1,000 British adults to uncover any links between sleep position and character.

He used these outcomes to attract connections between widespread sleeping positions and character traits. Just a few of his findings:

  • Individuals who sleep on one aspect with arms outstretched may be open-natured however considerably suspicious. In addition, they have a tendency to stay with their selections.
  • The abdomen sleeping position with fingers up or below the pillow is linked to a sociable nature and a dislike of criticism.

These outcomes are seemingly finest interpreted with a liberal sprinkling of salt because the survey had a number of key limitations:

  • It only checked out outcomes from about 1,000 individuals — fairly a small quantity when in comparison with the final inhabitants.
  • These findings didn’t maintain when the second group of individuals accomplished the identical survey, which suggests these outcomes may not apply to everybody.
  • Individuals reported on their sleeping position and character traits themselves, leaving extra room for potential bias.
  • A survey on sleep position amongst Individuals carried out by the Higher Sleep Council (BSC) yielded a couple of different insights.

The link between sleeping position and you’re health

There’s way more proof to link sleeping position with sure features of health and wellness — each constructive and destructive.

Right here’s what to find out about every sleeping position.

Side sleeping

Specialists typically advocate aspect sleeping position, since this place may help relieve snoring and improve digestion.

When you sleep in your proper aspect, although, you would possibly discover worsening signs of acid reflux or different digestive points.

Sleeping in your left aspect retains your abdomen under your esophagus and makes it more durable for stomach acid to rise.

Side sleeping position throughout pregnancy is related to improved maternal and fetal health, however, the left aspect is favored right here, too.

Left side sleeping not only reduces heartburn, however, it additionally helps promote blood movement and relieves pressure on the uterus.

Side sleeping position might also assist relieve decrease again ache and improve spinal alignment, however, you would possibly discover sleeping on your side tough when you’ve got neck or shoulder pain.

Stomach sleeping

Whereas stomach sleeping position may have some benefits for obstructive sleep apnea and persistent snoring, it additionally places stress in your neck and decreases again, significantly in case you sleep on a softer mattress.

This pressure can throw your backbone out of alignment and cause lingering daytime pain.

Back sleeping

Sleeping position in your aspect or stomach can enhance intraocular pressure, a threat issue for glaucoma.

In case you have delicate pores and skin, you may additionally discover urgent your face in the pillow results in extra breakouts, irritation, and even facial creases while you get up. Enter: back sleeping.

Although back sleeping positions can provide advantages at any age — pediatricians advocate putting infants to sleep on their backs to reduce the chance of sudden toddler demise syndrome (SIDS) — again isn’t all the time greatest for adults.

And what about back pain? Some folks with a decrease back or neck ache discover that again sleeping worsens the pain.

For others, again sleeping is the one position that gives any relief.
Ideas for optimizing your sleeping position.

Tips for optimizing your sleeping position

In brief, there isn’t a single greatest position for high-quality sleep, since so many elements come into play.

When you typically have to bother sleeping position or get up with ache and discomfort, it’s actually priced contemplating the potential impression of your present sleeping place.

That mentioned, when you’ve got no trouble getting the correct amount of sleep and get up without ache, you in all probability don’t want to fret about rolling over and altering issues up.

within the several types of sleeping positions and learn how to maximize their advantages? Whereas there are many methods to sleep, you’ll discover the six most typical sleep positions under.

Back sleepers

Sleeping position in your back may help relieve several types of ache whereas additionally taking the pressure off your backbone and selling good spinal alignment.

The back sleeping position distributes physique weight evenly, so nobody a part of your physique is under extra pressure than one other. For many individuals, this will result in extra restful sleep and You can also study about – YOGA ASANAS FOR WEIGHT LOSS FOR FIT BODY

What’s extra, since back sleeping means you don’t press your face into your pillow each night time, this place might provide help to keep away from untimely facial wrinkles.

A smaller pillow (or perhaps a rolled towel) under your knees can work wonders for higher again sleeping. This helps your backbone preserve its slight curve.

Try a cervical pillow or small, rounded pillow on the curve of your neck to assist relieve neck ache. When you snore, have allergic reactions, or expertise heartburn, try for a wedge pillow to raise your head.


Sleep in your again together with your arms down at your sides? That’s the soldier’s sleeping position. In keeping with the BSC’s survey, about 11 % of respondents choose this place.

Soldier sleepers report preferring this place for its health advantages and sometimes don’t change positions by the night time.


When you sleep on your again together with your arms up and your legs barely aside, you’re a starfish sleeper. About 7 % of survey respondents say they sleep like starfish.

The BSC survey suggests this position is linked to a better chance of sleepwalking. Sleeping position together with your arms above your head, significantly when your wrists are bent or flexed, might also contribute to numbness or tingling.

Side sleepers

Sleeping position in your aspect can promote good digestion, assist reduce snoring, stop heartburn, and presumably even enhance brain health.

For healthy cognitive performance, your mind must take away the waste frequently. An animal examines discovered that this course was most effective throughout aspect, or lateral, sleeping.

Side sleeping may assist reduce back pain, but it will possibly put pressure on your shoulder and result in tightness, rigidity, or ache in your head and face.

For the best outcomes, take into account selecting a mattress that gives good pressure reduction and a firmer pillow with sufficient loft to assist your backbone’s pure curve.

For higher hip and low back support, try to sleep with a pillow between your knees or decrease your legs. You may even try hugging a physique pillow or giant pillow — some people discover this gives higher arm assist.

Remember, although, that sleeping in your hands or with bent wrists can result in tingling or numbness and should worsen carpal tunnel signs.


In line with the BSC survey, only about 6 p.c of individuals favor the log position. The BSC experiences this place, just like the starfish position, can be related to sleepwalking.

That stated, lengthy sleepers tended to say they believed themselves to be more healthy and get the correct quantity of sleep than individuals who most popular different positions, so there might, in truth, be one thing to “sleeping like a log.”


Side sleeping seems to be the popular sleep position. In line with the BSC survey, that’s due to the fetal place, most popular by 47 p.c of individuals surveyed. Ladies appear to favor this type of aspect of sleeping.

To really sleep like a child, attempt to maintain your limbs and chin loose and your posture relaxed. To forestall numbness, keep away from bending or curling your wrists tightly, or sleeping with one hand under the pillow.


About 13 percent of these within the BSC survey stated they most popular to sleep within the yearner place, or on one aspect with arms outstretched.

This Sleeping position can stop further strain in your wrists and palms, so it might assist to regulate your arms should you typically get up with numb or tingling hands.

Giving this place a try may additionally assist should you usually favor the fetal position however “yearn” to get up freed from rigidity and ache. Sleeping too tightly curled can typically result in discomfort and stiffness the subsequent day.

Stomach sleepers

Sleeping position in your stomach, or prone, usually isn’t really useful, since it will possibly contribute to again and neck ache. In case your head all the time faces the identical approach, you’ll most likely start to note some daytime stiffness earlier than lengthy.

When you’ve tried and didn’t get comfy in another place, although, abdomen sleeping might be one of the best positions for you. Attempt altering the course of your head repeatedly as an alternative of all the time going through left or proper.

Selecting a flat, thin pillow (or skipping the pillow totally) may also help stop neck ache. Including a pillow under your pelvis can even make a big distinction in again stiffness and ache.

Additionally, take into account your mattress. A firmer mattress may also help maintain your backbone aligned, stopping ache and enhancing the standard of your sleep.


Simply over 1 / 4 (26 p.c) of individuals surveyed by the BSC see this because of the worst sleeping position. Still, 17 % of individuals favor abdomen sleeping with arms under the pillow or wrapped around it, head to at least one aspect.

The freefall position might really feel extra comfy to these trying to relieve strain on the shoulders and hips.

To keep away from numb, stiff palms, try extending your arms out to both aspects as an alternative. As an alternative to bending considered one of your knees, maintain each leg straight and slightly apart.


The bottom line

While there may very well be some links between sleep position and health, your most popular sleeping position probably doesn’t have all that a lot to do together with your character.

If the standard of your relaxation leaves one thing to be desired, attempting out a brand new sleep place may assist enhance your sleep.

Asleep specialists can provide extra steering and proposals based mostly on your sleep needs.

Sleeping simply effective? You in all probability don’t want to worry about the way you go to sleep. 

The most effective sleep place, in any case, is one that retains you comfy sufficient to get the remaining you want.