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Concept Statement

Good health, wellness, health, and wholesome existence are essential for all people.

Concept Objectives

After finishing this idea the student should be able to:

  • Define physical health, wellness, train, and health.
  • Define each of the components of bodily health.
  • Define every of the scale of wellness.
  • Explain the aim and significance of the Healthy People 2010 targets for the nation.
  • Explain the aim and significance of the Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health.
  • Distinguish between a long life and a long healthy life.
  • Distinguish between infectious and power illnesses and their present impact on society.
  • Distinguish between illness therapy, illness prevention, and health promotion.
  • Explain the significance of wholesome existence to good health and wellness.
  • Explain the significance of the normal train to good health.
  • Assess private wellness. (Lab)
  • Assess private health with easy estimations. (Lab)

Concept Outline

Facts about Health and Wellness

  • Good health is of major significance to adults in our society.
  • Health varies greatly with earnings, gender, age, and household origin.
  • Increasing the span of wholesome life is a principal health purpose. (Web)
  • Health is greater than freedom from sickness and illness.
  • Many sicknesses are manageable and have a solely restricted impact on whole health.
  • Wellness is a constructive part of optimum health.
  • Health and wellness are multidimensional.
  • Wellness displays how one feels about life in addition to one’s means to operate successfully.
  • Health and wellness are built-in states of being.
  • Health and wellness are particular people in nature.
  • It is feasible to own wellness whereas being sick or possessing a debilitating situation.
  • Wellness is a helpful time period that could be utilized by quacks in addition to consultants.

Facts about Physical Fitness

  • Physical health is a multidimensional state of being.
  • The health-related elements of bodily health are straight related to good health.
  • The skill-related elements of bodily health are extra related to efficiency than good health.
  • Metabolic health is a non-performance part of whole health.
  • Bone integrity is usually thought-about to be a non-performance measure of health.
  • The many elements of bodily health are particular in nature, however, they are additionally inter-related.
  • Good bodily health is essential to, however, is just not identical to bodily health and wellness.

The Facts About Healthy Lifestyles

  • Lifestyle change, greater than some other issue, is taken into account to be one of the best ways of stopping sickness and early loss of life in our society.
  • The main causes of early loss of life have shifted from infectious illnesses to persistent lifestyle associated situations. (Web)
  • Healthy existence is crucial to wellness.
  • Regular bodily exercise, sound diet, and managing stress are thought-about to be precedence wholesome existence.
  • The shift in causes of sickness and the brand new emphasis on health, wellness, and wholesome existence has resulted in a shift towards prevention and promotion along with illness therapy.

The HELP Philosophy: The Facts

  • The HELP Philosophy can present a foundation for making wholesome life-style change potential.
  • A private philosophy that emphasizes Health can result in behaviors that put it up for sale.
  • Everyone can profit from wholesome existence.
  • Healthy behaviors are handiest when practiced for a Lifetime.
  • Healthy existence should be adopted based mostly on Personal wants.

Strategies for Action: The Facts

  • Self-assessments of wholesome existence will provide help to decide areas in which you will want modifications to advertise optimum health, wellness, and health.
  • Initial self-assessments of wellness and health will present info for self-comparison as you be taught extra about health, wellness, and health.
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