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The true nature of the punishment of Avijit Ramamurthy Naidu Ji, called Mahabali Bhima of the modern era, that is, how is Ramamurthy punished, telling, Mahayogi Swami Satyendra Satyasaheb Ji:

-Till now, you have seen videos of Baba Ramdev related exercising and many alleged gymnast wrestlers for the imposition of punishment of Ramamurthy Ji, all of them are absolutely wrong punishments, in all these punishments and exercising types, a repeat of repeating punishment is repeated.

Ramamurthy has been the best Mahabali of our ancient Indian penal exercise system, Pfassi yoga exercising tradition, not this penal exercise system Ramamriti Ji It was from time immemorial. Our yogis have developed two streams of healthy exercise system – 1-Yogasana method, which helps to remove yogic inertia from meditation and samadhi from meditation and stay in samadhi for a long time.


Great roll of top amazing tips of Exercising.

Great roll of top amazing tips of Exercising

The exercising that was done to make the blood circulate in the body and to keep the digestive system of food stagnant in the stomach back again smoothly. 2-Manu How to make a person extremely powerful in a short time.

The exercising system is different and this exercise method is different and this exercise method is completely different and more than yoga exercise.

All kinds of yoga benefits in itself. Yo this ancient Indian penal meeting exercise system, which is called the Pfassi exercising method, which has started to be known as Ramamurthi Dandha, is to increase the time for the maximum time to apply the same punishment.

With the ability to hold your breath you have to increase, then you get 5 powers by this one exercising – 1-power, 2-force, 3-strength, 4-stamina, 5-energy. And the attainment of extraordinary Kumbhak power.


Best way to do true Ramamurthi punishment Exercising.

 Ramamurthi punishment Exercising

First of all, massage your body with oil in a good way, then place both your hands on the ground, and keep both of your shoulders parallel or equal, and by keeping a little gap between your two legs too close, now give all your body a Lift in a deep breath and slowly bend your arms towards the ground with your elbows very slowly and with both elbows towards your chest this is the best way to exercising.

Come to the ground, now stop this for some time and now while staying in this position, you have to move forward towards your head while pushing your body with your two paws and bend you’re both hands with an elbow and forward the body.

Push, in this whole posture, the whole body remains in the same line from the feet to the head, just a little above the ground, then you have to move a little further, then in this stage almost the whole body will be in a straight line.

your nose Staying just a few inches above the Pisces will be like a stop and then you have to stop there, and now stop as much as possible and then keep the whole body upright, pulling your body back with the help of your claws,

and also both With the hands also, without raising the elbows upwards in exercising, move backwards, do not lift the top at all here, remember this. In this state, the whole body will remain straight.

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Keep this thing in mind while applying all the punishments of Exercising.

applying all the punishments of Exercising

Now slowly the whole body and chest from the shoulders and the hips should be lifted upward with the arms straightening the elbows, and coming in the same position as before. And that is to stop.

Not to get up from your hips, As in the prevailing punishments of today, there are repeated punishments by lifting the hips on the side of transposition, it is not to be done here at all.

It is to be remembered that this is the special thing to understand here and the secret, which Ramurti’s punishment should be is very different from the punishment of all kinds in exercising.

Now the second thing is, that in a single sentence, it is to increase the time slowly in moving the chest towards the ground. Or then move forward and stop there and then in returning back from there.

It is not a rule to impose time or repeat these punishments again and again. It is necessary to complete the same punishment by increasing the time from at least 1 minute to 5 minutes in exercising. At most only Only 5 or 10 punishments have to be imposed, which is completed in 5 minutes, or 10 penalties will take 50 minutes.

Not to sleep or a thousand punishments. Now, in this sentence, which parts become powerful, how come: –

1 – In this punishment, by continuously keeping the whole body tight in a straight line, all the muscles become strong and strong in the form of steel.

Bend means that the joints are from toes to heel, knee, thigh and buttocks, waist and shoulders and neck, all of them become strong from there. With all the emphasis on the

2- Toe paws and pulling your body back and forth, this organ becomes very powerful to the calf.

3- Thighs and especially the abdominal muscles are particularly stressed, they become particularly strong.

4- Continuous body weight on both hands for one minute to several minutes, from the inside to the outside of the hands, the triceps muscles increase the power to hold and push the weight along with it. So they become very powerful.

5- Due to the constant emphasis on the five-handed toes and wrists and keeping the body moving forward, then holding it with the weight and then this long stretching exercising, their grip strength becomes very extraordinary.

6- The power of the neck towards the shoulders also becomes very powerful by pulling the whole body forward.

7- chest or edge of the practice of having great emphasis on chest and keeping that thrust

You know now how to punish Ramamurthy for the exercising of fantasy.

punish Ramamurthy for the exercising of fantasy

Place your two hands on the ground, and keep both of your shoulders parallel, that is, and with both of your legs also a little gap, now make all your body in a straight line.

Then take a deep breath and slowly move your While turning the chest very gently with the elbow towards the ground, while simultaneously twisting both elbows towards your chest, you came up from the ground only a few times, now stop for a while While staying in the same position,

while pushing your body with both the feet of your feet, you have to move in the direction of your head and bend your are both hands with the elbow and push the body forward, all this good posture in exercising.

In the whole body, from the feet to the head, remains only above the ground in the same line, as much as can be increased, and now you have to stay there for some time, then at this stage, almost the whole body is in a straight line

And your nose will be just a few inches above the ground and then you have to stop there, and now stop it as much as possible, keeping the whole body straight and pulling your body back with the help of your claws.

And also with both hands, without lifting the elbow upwards, the back has to move in the shape of the body, here, do not lift the top at all, remember this in exercising. In this state the whole body will remain straight, this thing Keep in mind while applying all the punishments.

Now slowly raise the entire body and chest from the shoulders and hips to the elbows with the help of hands, and come back to the earlier posture, and this is to be stopped.

Not to lift your hips, as in the prevailing punishments today, the hips are repeatedly punished by lifting the hips, this is not to be done here at all.


There are a special thing and mystery, which completely differentiates Ramurthy’s punishment from all these types of punishment of exercising. Special thing to keep in mind: –

  • Now the second thing here is that in the same sentence, it is necessary to slowly increase the whole time in moving the chest towards the ground good in exercising.
  • To move forward, again and again, I have to take all the time to stop there and then to return from there, there is absolutely no rule to repeat or repeat these punishments.
  • Now, by increasing the penalty from at least the first half minute, then imposing a penalty for up to 1 minute and further increasing the time to 5 minutes to complete the same penalty.
  • By increasing the time, Only 5 or 10 penalties have to be imposed as much as possible, the best penalty should be completed in 5 minutes, or 10 penalties will take 50 minutes.
  • Not to sleep or a thousand punishments. If you will read this article properly and understand it, you will soon understand how much health science has been told to you to become powerful. Now it is yet to be done.

Superb Best amazing Exercising tips.

Exercising tips

1) Exercising should always be done in the same amount that there is some tiredness in the body, but you do not get tired. Adequate rest after exercise is also necessary.

(2) Exercising should always be done on an empty stomach in the pure air and in the morning only after defecation. Exercise can be done at least four hours after lunch in the morning if the morning is not possible.

(3) At the time of exercising, the body should have minimum clothes according to the weather. Clothing should be loose, so as not to interfere with bodily functions.

 (4) Water can be consumed immediately after exercise, but after half an hour something should be eaten. Drinking lukewarm milk after 15 minutes of exercise is healthy.

(5) Exercising should always be done with a happy heart and only when there is enough time. In grief, in anger, in anxiety or in haste, exercising only results in a loss. Therefore, it is advisable not to exercise on such occasions.

(6) It is best that you go to a park and exercise. If this is not possible, then exercise should be done on the roof of the house or in the verandah or balcony, where there is a movement of pure air. If this is not possible or you cannot get out due to adverse weather, then exercise can be done in a big room. Exercise should not be done in front of or below the fan. It is better to slow the fan and allow it to sweat.

(7) Exercise should never be done with a jerk. Shocks should be performed with a rhythm where it is necessary to jerk. Never put excessive force on the body. It can also lead to a loss in place of profit.

(8) It is necessary to exercise regularly. Doing and never doing does not give full benefit of exercise and there is also the fear of loss. If you can never do anything with an exception, then it is fine. But exercise must be done at least 5 days a week.

List of different types of exercising/exercise.

types of exercising

  • Isotonic exercising
  • Isometric exercising
  • Isometric and isotonic
  • Aerobics – Quick Exercise Types
  • Aerobics – the type of exercise exercises
  • to walk exercising
  • sport exercising

Some important points of exceeding

  1. Do this before and after a workout
  2. Age, sex and workout
  3. Sports and Workout is for Lifetime, Don’t Quit
  4. Some Misconceptions About Workout
  5. Brief suggestion

1. Isotonic exercising

In some exercises, some muscles are regularly narrowed and relaxed. Muscle tension remains in these exercises, but the length of muscle fibers is less. These are called isotonic exercises.

An exercise in which there is movement is called an isotonic workout. Running, running, swimming, mountain climbing, cycling or walking, ball game sports like tennis, etc. are examples of isotonic exercises.

2. Isometric exercising

A person lifts something heavy for a long time or pushes the load forward with his hands. So there is no mobility in the hands. But force is being felt, so energy is also being used. But there is no effect on the length of muscle fibers. Such action is called isometric (isometric).

In this workout, some resistance is applied, so muscles have to work without any movement. This exercise type increases muscle strength and size quickly. It has been observed that doing this exercise even three days a week is sufficient for the muscles.

This means there is no need to do this every day. There are many ways available in different gym machines.

3. Isotonic

With symmetric exercises, muscles are formed faster, so people who represent the body do these exercises. Equilateral workouts are more useful for wrestlers and shorter distance runners. Most of the exercises involve these two. So that both strength and endurance can be increased.

Many sports and works involve both types of elements. For example, wrestling involves applying force against movement and resistance, but movement is rarely used.

Suppose a person is pulling a cycle rickshaw or when a laborer pushes a car, it is used to move with the feet and with a constant force with the hands. This means that both isometric and isotonic experiments are being done here.

4. Aerobics – Quick Exercise Types

Some sports types last less than 2-3 minutes. In this, we stop before the breath is over. Our body uses stored energy for this. For example, running hundred or two hundred meters, lifting weights, gymnastics or non-stop sports such as kabaddi, judo, etc.

5. Aerobics – a type of exercise exercising

Dynamic movement types such as running, swimming, badminton, tennis, walking, etc. Muscles are used in this respectively. This type of exercise is used in aerobics but the duration is longer.

6. To walk exercising

Walking is a moderate and light workout. It is useful for people of all ages and those affected by heart diseases. It also protects and cures diseases. Apart from physical benefits, it provides elation and comfort. But walking for a while does not reduce weight.

It takes about 50 calories of energy to walk a kilometer (so much energy gets from a cup of tea). By walking pilgrimages, (which people no longer do) the body is purified. Daily walking and controlled eating for several months removes excess fat and returns to fertility. There are the same benefits of climbing mountains.

7. sport

Group sports are more useful than exercising alone. Sports are fun and physical exercise is also done. But not all games are as useful.

There are some differences in sports, such as:

  • Which part of the body is being used, etc.
  • Speed ​​of game (football hockey moving, but not so much cricket)
  • How much strength is needed (is a work of strength in wrestling, but not in Badminton)
  • Muscle coordination (hand, eye and other body coordination is required in rifle shooting)

Some important points of exercising benefits.

important points of exercising benefits

1. Workout time

Most people like to have Time. Although and fixed time for exercise. There is no need to exercise at any given time. Although discipline does benefit from it. One should not exercise immediately after eating food. It is necessary to  Forrest at least one hour.

Exercise slowly and vigorously, always slowly, so that the heart is not burdened without reason. If you are exercising with someone, then keep talking together while exercising. This will keep the speed slow and safe.

2. Calorie intake

Many people exercise to reduce body fat (obesity). But this does not happen easily. The glucose available in the body provides energy for the first 20 minutes of the workout. Fat burns after this period. Heavy workouts also do not cost much energy.

Fat is a low-fat tissue. Therefore, to lose even a little weight, a lot of fat needs to be burnt. The person starts to look thin before losing weight. A better guide is to look in the glass instead of a weight gauge. To find out how much fat has been reduced, women should concentrate on the area of ​​the waist and men on the stomach.

In addition to exercising, control of fat in food is also necessary to lose weight. Usually exercising 200 to 300 which is best for health.

A brief suggestion of exercising

exercise increases the mobility of thier body

  • If you have heart problems then consult your doctor only then ensure exercise.
  • In the beginning, due to lack of habit of labor, increase the exercise gradually for 10-15 days. This allows the body to accept a new habit. Light exercise should be done before any sport. This makes the body ready.
  • After exhausting sports or hard work, the body should be given some rest.
  • It is okay to postpone exercising or sports for at least two hours after a meal.
  • Special and different exercise methods should be done during pregnancy.
  • Exercise must be changed according to age and season.
  • Do more hard work in winter.
  • Exercise is possible – morning or evening. If it is not on the bus then do it according to your time. But do not stop exercising.
  • At least four days in a week, you should do aerobic exercise. Use the remaining three days for flexibility or strength enhancement.
  • A different time is required for exercising and doing yoga. Do not do them together. Keep in mind that different types of neural institutions work in both types.
  • Know your personal abilities and speed and choose sports and exercise. Do not compete with others without reason.
  • One should get pleasure from sports and exercise, not sorrow or pain. Sports are better than just exercise. In sports, even a personal game is better than personal sports


Most people consider yoga and exercise to be the same, but it is not so. These two have their own importance. Yoga is not just a workout. In the workout, you do the only physical process but in yoga, you do the physical, mental and emotional process. Yogasan maintains the stability of the body while exercise increases the mobility of the body.

Most people consider both yoga and exercise to be the same but this is not the case. These two have their own importance. Yoga is not just a workout. In the workout, you do the only physical process but in yoga, you do the physical, mental and emotional process. Yogasan maintains the stability of the body while exercise increases the mobility of the body.


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