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The fact that she is a Health Minister Maggie De Block for the whole country makes me cringe.

According to Health Minister Belgium – Belgium is a constitutional, popular monarchy and a parliamentary democracy.

Belgium Ministry of Health
SPF Santé Publique, Sécurité de la Chaîne Alimentaire et Environnement
Place Victor Horta 40 boite 10
1060 Bruxelles

According to the Belgian Ministry of Public Health, two Belgium GPs (Société Scientifique de médecine Générale and Wetensppppelijke Vereniging van Vlaamse Huisartsen) have shown great interest in the problem of domestic violence.

while studying it and financing it in 2002. Under the administration.


Prime Minister Herman Van Rompe

The Federal Bicameral Parliament is made up of a Senate and the Chamber of Representatives.

The Senate is composed of 40 direct elected politicians and 21 representatives, who are appointed by 3 community members, 10 assisted senators and officially the sons of the King as senators who do not vote in practice.

Health Minister Belgium or Maggie De Block (Flemish liberal): “Our mental care is very specialized. 150 representatives of the Chamber are elected from 11 electoral districts under a proportionate voting system.

According to Health Minister Belgium, public health is one of the few countries where compulsory voting is prevalent, and in this way, it is one of the voters who hold the highest rate of voting in the world.

The King (currently Albert II) is the head of state, although his privileges are limited. He appoints ministers including a prime minister, who has the faith of the delegation to form a federal government.


Health Minister Belgium Described Important Points.

According to Health Minister Belgium –The number of Dutch and French-speaking ministers is equal to the number determined by the Constitution.

The judicial system is based on civil law and its origin is from the Napoleonic Code. The Court of Cassation is the court of the final decision, one of which is below the Court of Appeal.

Every hospital now has its own ombudsman service, but there is no central platform. Maggie De Block: “We’re working on it! By 2020 there will be a central point where you will be able to find all information on patients’ rights.”

Belgian political entities are complex; Most political power is organized around the need to represent the main cultural community.

After about 1970, important national Belgian political parties were divided into separate components, which mainly represent the political and linguistic interests of these communities.

The main parties in every community, despite being close to the political center, belong to the three main groups: the right-wing moderate, socially conservative Christian Democrats and the socialists that constitute the leftists.

Apart from this, after the middle of the last century, several major parties came into being mainly around linguistic, nationalist, or environmental subjects and recently some small groups of specific liberal nature were also formed under Health Minister Belgium of public health service.

Health Minister Belgium History

According to Health Minister Belgium – Since the year 1958, the Christian Democrat coalition government has broken the first dioxin crisis in 1999 after a major food contamination scandal.

A ‘Rainbow Coalition’ emerged from six parties: Flemish and French-speaking moderate, Social Democrats, Greens.

Later, after losing most of its seats to Green in the 2003 election, a ‘purple coalition’ of liberals and Social Democrats was created.

From 1999 to 2007, under the Health Minister Belgium, the government headed by Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt gave a balanced budget, Some tax reform, labor market correction, fixed nuclear disarmament, and more stringent war crimes and more flexible psychic drug use prosecution Received.

Reduced restrictions on euthanasia and same-sex marriage were legalized. The government promoted active diplomacy in Africa and opposed the invasion of Iraq.

In the June 2007 elections, the Verhofstadt coalition did poorly under Health Minister Belgium

The country experienced a political crisis for more than a year. The crisis was such that many observers speculated about the possible division of Belgium.

From 21 December 2007 until 20 March 2008, the VerhofStast III government was temporarily employed.

On that day, the King swore a new government led by Flemish Christian Democrat Wes Lertme, the real winner of the federal elections of June 2007.

Health Minister Belgian Progress

According to Health Minister Belgium – Since no progress has been made in constitutional reforms, on July 15, 2008, Lattery announced the cabinet’s resignation to King.

the haphazard crisis surrounding the incident of the sale of Fortis to BNP Paribas in December 2008, he once again offered his resignation to the King. Maggie De Block:

“Nine out of ten Belgians know antibiotics don’t work against flu, but despite a fall in recent years, our consumption remains too high. It’s a contradiction.”

In such circumstances, his resignation was accepted and Flemish Christian Democrat Herman Van Rompuy was sworn in as Prime Minister on 30 December 2008.

Reporters Without Borders placed their 2007 World Press Freedom Index, but Belgium (with Finland and Sweden) ranked fifth in 169 countries.

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Health Minister Belgian Resigns over arms to Nepal

A Cabinet Minister has resigned in protest against the controversial decision of the Belgian government to sell thousands of machine guns to Nepal.

Brussels (AFP): A Cabinet minister has resigned in protest against the controversial decision of the Belgian government to sell thousands of machine guns to Nepal.

Minister of Health and Environment, Magda Elbowett, spokesman Annie Fortune OAC Grilli said on Monday that he had resigned because of serious doubts about arms sales.

It is notable that the Belgian government had announced on Friday that it will sell 5500 machine guns to Nepal struggling Maoist violence for six years.

After the government’s decision, there was communal tension in the two main communities there and a public debate started due to this dispute.

Many political leaders in the Flemish Community criticized the government’s decision to sell weapons.

Health Minister Elbowett is also from this community and he also criticized this decision. Although the Foreign Minister of Belgium had justified this decision on Monday.

 Communities and territories under Health Minister Belgium

See also: Language legislation in Belgium and Municipalities with language facilities

Communities: Flemish and French communities / bilingual language areas


A move that belongs to the Burgundian and Habsburgian court, It was important to speak French in the 19th century to enter the governing class, and who only used to communicate in Dutch were effectively second-class citizens.

In the second half of that century and continuing in the 20th century, the Flemish movement began to develop in order to combat this situation under Health Minister Belgium.

Walloons and most Bruselas adopted French as their first language, Flamingos refused to do so and progressively succeeded in imposing Dutch as Flanders’ Official Language.

After World War II, Belgian politics has been suppressed by the autonomy of its two main language communities.

Intercommunal tensions increased and the amendment was made to reduce conflict intensity in the constitution.

Based on the four language areas defined in 1962-63 (Dutch, Bilingual, French, and German

Minister of health – Health Minister Belgium

Belgian public health minister Maggie De Block (Flemish liberal) is upbeat: “The study confirms our health care is good quality and that we possess a generous insurance system.”

In the incident of fire in a hotel in Karol Bagh of Delhi, 17 people died and many were injured.

Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain told that the Delhi government has ordered the Magistrate’s investigation of the Karol Bagh fire incident. CM has also announced a compensation of Rs five lakh to the victim’s family.

The Ministry of External Affairs has denied Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain’s five-day visit to Australia.

It has been said from the Ministry of External Affairs that the Ministry of External Affairs’s A Political Clearance Political Angle has been denied by the Ministry.

On behalf of Satyendra Jain, the Ministry of External Affairs asked for the diplomatic clearance to go abroad for discussions in the field of Universal Health Care and Public Health in Australia from November 26 to November 30.

FAQ,s – Health Minister Belgium

Q1. How many governments does Belgium have?


There are three operative words to keep in mind when describing the Belgian system of government. One, constitutional monarchy. Two, parliamentary. And three, federal.

Q2. Who runs Belgium?


The current Prime Minister is Charles Michel who took office on October 11, 2014. The cabinet is made up of the council of ministers, and they are appointed by the monarch.

Q3. How large is Belgium?


Belgium is the 34th-largest European country by area (30,510 km²). The top 10 European countries by area are: Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, Poland, Italy