Hey! Here we are providing to you about drug interactions because today times it becomes a big problem for a younger person and now it becomes a common drug interaction.

Whenever you take more than one medication or mix it with some foods, drinks, or over-the-counter medicines, then you are at risk of a drug interaction. Most drug interaction is not serious, but because of some, it is important to understand the possible outcome before taking your medications.

Drugs affecting the stomach or intestine, pH, or natural vegetation can also lead to the interaction of the drug.


According to Drug Interactions tests in the lab, Some medicines can change the absorption of any other drug in your bloodstream. For example, calcium can bind with some drugs and block the absorption.

HIV treatment should not be taken at the same time as dolutegravir (Tivicay) calcium carbonate (Tums, Maalox, Other), because it Can reduce the amount of dolutegravir absorbed in the bloodstream and reduce its effectiveness in the treatment of HIV infection.

To help stop this conversation, Dolutegravir should be taken 2 hours or 6 hours after medicines involving calcium or other minerals. In the same way, many medicines can not be taken with milk or dairy products because they will be bonded with calcium.

Drug Side Effects

Here the detail descriptions are proving of Drug interactions which tell about the Drug Side Effects.

They may have 4 types of drugs and on the body that after taking some drugs you forget your worries and problems for a while.

But do you know that all of these can have harmful long-term effects? And if its overdose is taken then it can be a serious complication and even a cause for death. We have contacted many doctors to understand the effect of these drugs on the body and mind.

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