Diabetes is very common in today’s time. Not just people of the same age, children in today’s time are also getting into the grip of diabetes.

There used to be a time when diseases such as diabetes were started after 40-50 years of age, but due to the changing environment and lifestyle, diabetes has also taken the young children in their grip.

How are diabetes, what is the cause of diabetes, how diabetes can be avoided. Often these questions come to your mind. So let’s know the answers to these questions about how the diabetes happens, what are the factors.

Rapidly changing lifestyles, stress, depression and anxiety have given rise to many diseases and one of them is a serious illness, which is also called diabetes or sugar kibimari in common language (sugar syrup).

It is a disease that is not only making the children very young but also making their prey in fast food. According to the World Health Organization report, around 422 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes problems, of whom millions of people are in India.

What is Diabetes

When the glucose level in blood increases more than normal due to the decrease in the discharge of insulin in our body’s pancreas (pancreas), then that condition is called diabetes.

Insulin is a hormone that is formed by digestive gland and which is needed to change the energy of food. Without this hormone our body can not control the amount of sugar.

In this situation, our body has a lot of difficulty in taking energy from food. When the increased level of glucose remains constant in our blood, it starts harming many parts of the body, which has eyes, brain, heart, arteries and kidneys.

  • Frequent infection of skin and frequent bleeding
  • Excess hunger
  • Less weight of the patient after eating more food
  • Dizziness and risk of heart failure being irregular
  • Kidney deterioration

Treatment and prevention of diabetes

If you are suffering from severe or long periods of diabetes, do not take any steps without consulting any doctor. If a person has an initial symptom of diabetes, then he can induce some methods to get rid of it.

One cause of diabetes is anxiety or stress, so do not take as much stress as possible. You can also do exercises or meditation for this. Do as much physical work as possible. Take good sleep Also keep your weight in control.

Take as much diet as possible (green vegetables, cereals, pulses) Eat a lot of foods like fast food, ghee oil, more sweet things or fat food. Also avoid sweet fruits and juices. It contains mangoes, litchi, banana, grapes, Chiku and Sharifa which do not eat.



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