Prevention of cancer

It is true that no effective cancer drug has been prepared yet. But if we take care of some things already, then this disease will not even touch our body. I know about some such precautions and of Prevention of cancer –

  • If you are having a physical relationship with someone who is affected by the Papillomavirus then you may also get into it because it is a virus spreader. Therefore, avoid making physical contact with any person.
  • Try to eat more and leafier vegetables, gram and fruits. Eat fruits and vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, avocados, carrots.
  • Minimize sugar intake. It has been found in one study that the possibility of colorectal cancer in women increases significantly due to the intake of sugars. Before using oil of oil, check that the oil you are going to eat is beneficial for health. Use Olive Oil or Coconut Oil to cook food.
  • Do not use contraception tablets for a long time. It also increases the probability of a heart attack. Do not use Hormone-related therapy.


Rescue is the only Prevention of cancer, daily consumption of these things…


Cancer is a disease which is gradually taking the form of a global epidemic. It is also expensive to treat that most people can not afford this cost. That’s why there is a sense of defense and of Prevention of cancer.

Experts say that you can reduce the risk of cancer by making some improvements and changes in your diet. Let’s know what are the things we can do to beat Kaiser.

  1. Broccoli-


Eating broccoli reduces the risk of getting cancer. It is greatly reduced the risk of mouth cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer risk. Broccoli food is beneficial for two to three times per week. Either broccoli can be taken in the form of a vegetable or as a soup, but boiling broccoli with light salt is the most beneficial and Prevention of cancer.

  1. Green Tea-


Drinking green tea reduces the risk of cancer. This breast is helpful in protecting cancer and prostate cancer. Regularly 2-3 cups of green tea is beneficial.

  1. Tomato-

Tomato-for-save-from-cancerTomatoes contain plenty of antioxidants, which work to boost the immune system. Tomato, Vitamin A, C, and E are also excellent sources. Along with this, breast cancer is a good way to protect against cancer. Tomato juice is beneficial to drink or to take it as a salad.

  1. Blue Barry-


Blue Barry is the sure remedy for cancer prevention. Blue Barry is helpful in keeping skin, breast, and liver safe from cancer. Blueberry juice is most beneficial.

  1. Ginger-


Ginger is also helpful in preventing various types of cancers. Ginger works to remove toxins present in the body. Due to its intake of skin, breast cancer is greatly reduced.

How to prevent blood cancer

prevent blood cancer

Blood cancer can be avoided by adopting a normal lifestyle. It can not be denied that blood cancer can be prevented. But taking care of some things can reduce their risk. Blood cancer is a type of cancer whose cells spread in the blood. Blood cancer is found in the form of lymphoma, leukemia and multiple myeloma in the blood. Investigation and Prevention of cancer of blood cancer at the right time can save you from cancer.


How to prevent blood cancer some basic points to learn in life…

A. Do not smoke –

Do not smoke for save from cancerExcept for smoking, the risk of blood cancer can be reduced. By smoking, nicotine enters the body, which is responsible for many types of cancer. A cigarette is used in high-capacity chemicals which are harmful to health. Smoking spreads lungs and mouth cancer, but smoking causes blood cancer. Smoking increases the risk of leukemia. Smoking is leukemia in four out of 100 patients of blood cancer. Smoking and tobacco use are also responsible for blood cancer. So avoid smoking and going to the smoking area.

B. Do not get in touch with radiation –

Do not get in touch with radiation

Avoid exposure to X-rays or other radiation rays because radiation increases the risk of developing blood cancer. CT-scan and radiation therapy also increase the risk of getting blood cancer. The radial beams of radiation are easily accessible in the blood and radiation eliminates healthy cells, which increase the cancer cells.

C. Do not get in touch with chemicals –

Do not get in touch with chemicals

Today’s climate is very polluted in which many types of hanicaric chemicals have been found. Using pesticides (mosquito and cockroach) and nitrified water increase the risk of developing blood cancer. Petrol and cigarette smoke also have a risk of developing blood cancer. Therefore, keep the face covered while leaving out and avoid visiting polluted places like factories. Avoid using too much chemicals perfumes or pesticides.

D. Take a healthy diet –


Take a healthy diet to reduce the risk of blood cancer and for Prevention of cancer. Avoid eating red meat and high-fat foods. Avoid eating too much cholesterol diet, which increases weight. More fatty and oily disorders help to increase cancer cells. Take green vegetables and fresh fruits daily in your diet. Use more quantity of food items containing vitamins and minerals such as milk and curd.

E. Caution While Creating Sex –


Never make unprotected sex. Because unprotected sex increases the risk of HIV and AIDS. At the time of HIV / AIDS, the body’s immune system weakens, which increases the risk of developing blood cancer. HIV / AIDS infection is more in the blood. So avoid making sexual contact with the person infected with HIV / AIDS.

Treatment of blood cancer


Like all blood cells, leukemia also revolves around the body. The symptoms of leukemia depend on the number of leukemia cells and where the cells are in the body. There are four types of leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, acute myelocytic leukemia, and chronic myelocytic leukemia.

The Prevention of cancer of leukemia depends on its type, i.e. the treatment of all types of blood cancer is different. At the same time, it is also taken care of what is the age of the patient and where it has cancer.

The patient suffering from leukemia has many options for treatment. Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Biological Therapy, and Stem Cell Transplant Therapy. If the tumor is large, then doctors recommend surgery.

1. Patient care


If you and your doctor agree that keeping a careful look is a good idea for Prevention of cancer, then you will have regular checkups every three months. If you see any signs, then you can start a cure for cancer. Adopting the patient’s careful care can reduce the side effects of cancer treatment. This leads to the detection of leukemia before it develops and treatment is possible in the early stages.

2. Chemotherapy


Ceylon treats leukemia through chemotherapy. This therapy eliminates cancer cells through medicines.  Depending on leukemia that is spread in the patient’s body, it is to give a medication or to give it some other medication.

3. Biological therapy

Biological therapy

Some people take medicines in leukemia, it is called biological therapy. In this, the medicine inside the skin is inserted through the syringes. It slows down the speed of leukemia cells spread in the blood and gives strength to the patient’s weakened immune system.

4. Radiation therapy


Radiation therapy is like X-rays. There is no pain of any kind in it. In this, the energetic rays emanating through a large machine passes through the patient’s body to eliminate cancer cells. While doing this therapy, the body’s healthy cells are also damaged, but the cells recover with time.

5. Stem cell transplant

Stem cell transplant

Leukemia is also treated with stem cell transplant. In stem cell transplant you are given high doses and radiation therapy of medicines.

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Cancer prevention foods

Cancer prevention foods

There are many Foods that increase the risk of cancer and Prevention of cancer points which clear defining about cancer prevention foods…

  1. 1 out of 10 cancer cases is directly linked to food.
  2. Saturated fats, red meat, and excessive salt intake and lack of fiber in the diet increase the risk of cancer.
  3. Individuals with an intake of red and processed meat are more likely to develop intestinal cancer.
  4. Our cooking method also increases the risk of cancer. The chemicals that are released from cooking at high temperatures cause harm to the cells.
  5. Some studies have shown that calcium intake in milk reduces the risk of intestinal cancer. On the other hand, consuming a high amount of dairy protein increases the risk of prostate cancer.
  6. Most food additives, colors, flavors and sweeteners do not increase the risk of cancer.
  7. Consumption of alcohol and spicy food is the only risk factor for colon cancer. Alcohol increases the risk of liver, mouth, intestine, throat, food hose and breast cancer.

How to prevent cancer naturally

prevent cancer naturally

Other Indian foods associated with the risk of cancer like spicy food, consumption of extra chilies, use of soda and increased use of rice increase the risk of cancer and for Prevention of cancer.

  • Keep your body weight balanced. Obesity keeps the fear of breast cancer and rectal cancer.
  • Try to save yourself as much from the pollution that is spreading in the environment.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Normally sleeping is considered to be 8-10 hours.
  • Do not smoke. Eat some type of intoxication.
  • Keep working physically. Keep yourself busy. Exercising daily will even better result.
  • Use salt intake in a balanced amount. Eating more salt can lead to stomach cancer.
  • The most important thing is to control your emotions. To be more emotional is also to invite cancer. If you are taking nutritious food and you are emotionally weak then the nutritious diet will also not be able to show its effect.

Prevention of cancer disease

Prevention of cancer disease

1. Learn how fish is less than the intake of breast cancer risk

breast cancer risk

Breast cancer has been a serious problem in women. In most cases, the problem of breast cancer occurs after 40 years in women. In the initial state of breast cancer, there is a small lump in the breast and it increases with time. Recent research has shown that consumption of fish oil in breast cancer is extremely beneficial. Learn how to reduce the risk of breast cancer and Prevention of cancer by eating fish.

2. Oral Caesars Medicine

Oral Caesars Medicine

The stage 0 or stage 1 tumor does not attack completely in the tissue, while stage 3 or stage 4 cancer completely affects the surrounding tissues by attacking tissues. Prevention of cancer of oral cancer also depends on the speed at which the cancer is spreading. The most common type of oral cancer treatment is surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

3. Identification of cancer cells

 cancer cells

Cancer affects body cells. The process of change of new cells and old cells in the body is more likely to cause cancer.

Generally, some new cells are formed in the body and older cells break, whose unusual congestion increases the risk of cancer. Let us tell you how to identify cancer cells and Prevention of cancer.

Australia’s scientists have used a special drug ‘Golan’ for the first time to identify cancer cells during operation. By consuming it the cancer cells begin to shine and it becomes easy to recognize them.

Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Neurosurgeon Kate Dromand has operated this 53-year-old person’s brain cancer (glioma) using this special drug for the first time this week.

4. The early stage of cancer

early stage of cancer

Cancer is considered to be a very dangerous disease because in most cases it takes the life of the patient. This also happens because its address seems very late. So if the disease is started in the early stages of this disease, then the patient’s life can be saved.

In modern times, medical science has made so much progress that many cancer patients are now saved and Prevention of cancer. Therefore, there is no need to panic from this deadly disease, but there is a need to be aware of its initial state.

5. The first stage of cancer i.e. the early stagnation

first stage of cancer

The first stage of cancer is also called the early stage. The first phase can be divided into sub-sections like 1A and 1B. Usually, in the condition of 1A, fatal tissues are not more than 2 to 3 cm in size and remain contained within their original organ.

But as the disease progresses i.e. 1b, then the size of the cancer cells starts increasing, which is also in the same condition with the original organ, but in some cases, it has metastasis that is to spread to other organs. Or reaching other organs is also possible. If metastasis occurs, it means that cancer is spreading to other organs.

Conclusion of Prevention of cancer:-

Cancer prevention is defined as active measures to reduce the incidence of cancer. To avoid cancer-causing factors or to change their metabolism, adopt a lifestyle or diet that can modify cancer-causing agents and/or medical intervention (the treatment of chemical prevention, treatment of pre-malignant lesions) can be useful.

The epidemiological concept of “prevention” can generally be defined as either primary prevention for those in which no particular disease has been diagnosed or secondary prevention can be defined as, which Reduces the complications of the diagnosed disease.

FAQ, s

Q1. How do you prevent cancer from coming back?


  • Examine the breasts every month.
  • Annual breast examination by your doctor.
  • Food of nutritious food
  • If you are afraid that you have breast cancer then consult your doctor immediately. Breast cancer can be cured if its treatment is expedited and if its diagnosis is delayed, then it may be due to death.

Q2. How can we prevent cancer essay?


There are about 100 types of cancers affecting the human body. If their search is done during the early stages, then treatment of some of these is possible. Yet the medical professionals around the world are still trying to identify the treatment for others.

  • Potential symptoms of cancer include abnormal bleeding, bowel obstruction, extreme weight loss, pneumonia, excessive fatigue, changes in skin and prolonged cough.
  • These symptoms are not known in the early stages of cancer and when the patient is aware of this, they often dismiss them as normal bodily issues.

These symptoms may also appear with other less severe health conditions. Before diagnosing cancer, cancer patients are considered normal for the treatment of other diseases.

Q3. Can cancer be prevented?


Yes, it can be prevented,  Regarding the treatment of cancer and prevention of cancer, doctors said there are several ways to treat cancer. But what type of cancer the patient is, the treatment is done accordingly. Such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, stem cell transplant, prepress medication, etc.

  1. Cancer cases have increased rapidly, but due to modern medicine, the rate of survival has also increased. However, treating cancer can weaken the reproductive capacity.
  2. Surgical treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy can reduce the ovarian reserve or sperm.
  3. However, if such people have started taking counseling and treatment on time after taking treatment for cancer then they are more likely to maintain fertility.
  4. For men, where there is an option to keep them safe in the sperm bank, it is the right option for women to freeze the egg.


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